May 14, 2016

Wright Museum Announces Education Program Schedule 2016

The 2016 Ron Goodgame and Donna Canney Education Program Schedule

Admission is $8.00 per person for non-members and free for Wright Museum members, unless otherwise noted. Because of limited seating, we strongly encourage you to make reservations by calling 603-569-1212.

All programs begin at 7:00 p.m., unless noted otherwise. The museum’s doors open one hour before the program begins. Please check our website,, for cancellations because of unforeseen circumstances.

Tuesday, May 10 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Three New Hampshire Treasures: the New Hampshire Boat Museum, the New Hampshire Farm Museum, and the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire
New Hampshire‘s cultural wealth can be measured by the rich variety of museums within its borders. Tonight representatives from three of those museums introduce you to their institutions and explain what makes them unique. Speakers are Lisa Simpson Lutts, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Boat Museum; Wendell Berthelsen, Director of Operations for the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire, and a representative from the New Hampshire Farm Museum.

Tuesday, May 17 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Dead But Not Forgotten: Memorializing New Hampshire Serviceman Buried in the American Cemetery in Margraten, Netherlands
Students from Mount Prospect High School in Alton, NH, speak about their research into the lives of New Hampshire servicemen killed during World War II and buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten. Mount Prospect history teacher Mike Folan and author Aimee Fogg talk about the project and the research procedure. And Netherlands resident Ben Savelkoul discusses the Grave Adoption Program that provides perpetual care for the graves of fallen American servicemen. Ben has adopted two fallen Americans.

Tuesday, May 24 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
America’s Pistol: the Model of 1911, 105 Years Young
Lecture by George R. Gurick, Jr.
The Model 1911 pistol, the finest and longest lasting military sidearm in U.S. history, is John Moses Browning’s crowning achievement as a firearms inventor. George R. Gurick Jr. discusses the high points of the Model 1911 as well as the War Department’s search for a service firearm before it adopted “America’s Pistol.”

George R. Gurick Jr. is a former U.S. Air Force staff sergeant. He also was a competitive shooter, attaining the classification of NRA Expert in open competition and enjoys shooting U.S. military small arms.

Tuesday, May 31 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
The Miracles of Design and Production in the US During World War II
Lecture by Stephen Keith
In 1939, the United States was unprepared to fight World War II. The U.S. Army was ranked 39th for size in the world, making it smaller than the armies of Greece or Portugal. The 1st US Army medium tank wasn’t produced by Chrysler until July, 1941 – just five months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Stephen Keith explains how the U.S. used design and production to overcome its grievous unpreparedness, allowing us to win the war and become a super power. America’s use of design and production is a fascinating story of what can be accomplished when everyone pulls in the same direction for a common cause.

Keith is a life-long amateur World War II historian whose purchase thirty-six years ago of a 1943 GMC-created troop carrier sparked his interest in American production during the war. Soon he was researching World War II production of other vehicles, ships, aircraft, and so on. Over the years, Keith has shared his extensive research with veteran’s groups, historical societies, and museums.

Tuesday, June 14 from 7:00- 8:00 p.m.
Margaret Bourke-White, Courageous Photographer
Presented by Sally Matson*
Sally Matson portrays the extraordinary American photographer and photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White. During World War II, Bourke-White was the first female war correspondent or photographer allowed to work in war zones. (General Patton told her to hide his jowls in the photos she took of him.) She also was the first foreign photographer allowed to take photographs inside Soviet factories. (She had to make Stalin laugh to get his picture.) Matson uses letters and tender WWII-era V-mails found at Syracuse University to form the basis for her portrayal of this remarkable woman.

Sally Matson, a graduate of Northwestern University, has been acting and directing for forty years. She performed for the Department of Defense in the Pacific, wrote and hosted for Connecticut Cable TV, and has been performing as Susan B. Anthony since 2002. Mrs. Matson combines her love of research, writing, and acting to bring fearless, historical women to life. Margaret Bourke-White is her latest portrayal.

*Program funded by the New Hampshire Humanities Council — no charge.

Tuesday, June 21 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Tale of Two Subs
Lecture by John Frank
USS Squalus and USS Sculpin were both built at the Portsmouth Naval yard. In 1939, Squalus sank off Portsmouth, NH, during a test dive. Sculpin aided in rescuing Squalus, which was recommissioned as USS Sailfish. The “Tale of Two Subs” follows the intertwined fates of these submarines from the rescue into World War II when the Japanese carrier Chuyo sank the Sculpin, taking the crew’s survivors as prisoners. The Chuyo was subsequently sunk by the Sailfish with the American prisoners onboard.

John Frank is a retired Superintendent of Schools. He is an educator, the author of two books, and a long-time member of the Wright Museum Board of Directors. Frank holds graduate degrees from the University of Connecticut, and was a National Danforth and National School Executive Fellow.

Tuesday, June 28 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Rockin Daddios perform Golden Oldies
Rock to the music of the 1950s and 1960s with the popular four-man singing group, The Rockin Daddios. Starring Angelo Gentile, Bo Guyer, Jim Rogato and Drew Seneca, the Daddios have performed their Golden Oldies “feel good music” throughout the Lakes Region to wide acclaim. The group’s songs conjure up many special memories for baby boomers as well as for younger people who love the great music of the rock ‘n’ roll era. The Rockin Daddios’ music is from a bygone period – tunes that take us back to a more innocent time. You’ll hear songs like “Book of Love,” “Blue Moon,” “Teenager in Love,” and “Little Star.” The songs are family friendly and guaranteed to warm your heart.”

Tuesday, July 5 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
29 Let’s Go! A Soldier’s Story About D-Day
Presented by Morley L. Piper
Hear the story and shake hands with the man who landed at Omaha Beach on D-day, 1944. Morley Piper is back for an encore presentation. As a nineteen-year-old lieutenant, he led his platoon ashore under galling fire at Omaha Beach on D-Day. Piper gives a fascinating personal account of his service with the 29th Infantry Division and his engagement through France and Germany until the war in Europe ended.

Tuesday, July 12 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
The Greatest War Stories Never Told
Lecture and book signing by author Rick Beyer
If you search the annals of military history, you will discover no end of quirky characters and surprising true stories. The tales range from the three cigars that changed the course of the Civil War to the elderly pig whose death triggered an international crisis. And don’t forget the drunken redcoats who inspired the Star Spangled Banner! Rick Beyer, author of The Greatest War Stories Never Told, shares a host of little-known tales from the last 2000 years of military history.

Rick Beyer is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling author, and long-time history enthusiast. He wrote the popular Greatest Stories Never Told series, published by Harper Collins, and co-authored (with Liz Sayles) The Ghost Army of World War II. He produced the award-winning PBS documentary The Ghost Army, and also made documentaries for television channels such as The History Channel and National Geographic. Beyer has shared his unique perspective on history with audiences around the country and appeared on CBS News, Fox News, NPR, CNN, and other programs.

Tuesday, July 19 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Norman Rockwell in the 1940s
Lecture by Tom Daly
Norman Rockwell was – and continues to be – one of America’s most popular artists. During World War II, Rockwell put a human face on daily life in home front America with iconic paintings that appeared on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post. The images reflected the social and political climate in the United States during that time. Rockwell’s home front Post paintings fostered patriotism and encouraged citizens to support the war effort. Tom Daly will speak about Rockwell’s life and his art of the 1940s – including the famous “Four Freedoms,” “Rosie the Riveter,” “The Homecoming,” “Home on Leave,” and “Back to Civies.”

Thomas Daly is the Curator of Education for The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. The museum is located in the Massachusetts town in which Norman Rockwell lived for the last twenty-five years of his life. During his eighteen-plus years with the Norman Rockwell Museum, Daly has taken on a number of roles, all of them adding to his knowledge of America’s favorite illustrator. The programs he created have served tens of thousands of visitors. He also he has traveled to many parts of the country to lecture about Mr. Rockwell’s work.

Tuesday, July 26 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Author’s lecture and book signing for the 2015 trilogy “Wilber’s War”
In Wilber’s War, author Hale Bradt tells the story of his parents, Wilber and Norma Brandt, two ordinary Americans during World War II. Wilber fought as a soldier on the war front in the Pacific Theater while Norma fought to keep her family together on the home front. Wilber’s War is an epic tale of duty, heroism, love and human frailty told by a son seeking to unravel the tangled threads of his family’s legacy.

Hale Bradt is Professor of Physics, Emeritus at MIT. He and his wife Dorothy live in Salem, MA.

Tuesday, August 9 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Wartime Basketball: The Emergence of a National Sport during World War II
Lecture and book signing by author Douglas Stark
Wartime Basketball tells the story of basketball’s survival and development during World War II and how those years profoundly affected the game’s growth after the war. Before World War II, basketball – professional and collegiate – was largely a regional game, with different styles played throughout the country. Among its many impacts on homefront life, the war forced pro and amateur leagues to contract and combine rosters to stay competitive. At the same time, the U.S. military created base teams made up of top players who found themselves in uniform. The war created the opportunity for players from different parts of the country to play with and against each other. As a result, a more consistent form of basketball began to take shape. Weaving stories from the court into wartime and homefront culture like a finely threaded bounce pass, Wartime Basketball sheds light on important developments in the sport’s history that has been largely overlooked.

Douglas Stark is the museum director at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island. He is the author of The SPHAS: The Life and Times of Basketball’s Greatest Jewish Team

Monday, August 15, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wright Museum of World War II 3rd Annual Film Festival**
This year’s film festival honors the 75th anniversary of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by showing two extraordinary documentaries. Wright Museum Director Mike Culver introduces each film.

Pearl Harbor – The Real Story
This 2001 documentary includes the stories of sixty men and women who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. The film includes footage that hasn’t been seen until now. As a bonus, the film takes the viewer on a tour of Pearl Harbor today, showing historic buildings and the sunken USS Arizona. 180 minutes

The History Channel Presents – Pearl Harbor: The Definitive Documentary
This History Channel production provides an in-depth look at the Japanese attack on the American Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The 2001 documentary traces the roots of the conflict in the Pacific which resulted in the Japanese attack. 150 minutes

**Admission to the Film Festival is free to Museum Members and with paid Museum Admission

Tuesday, August 16 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Fighting “Jane Crow”: African-American Women in World War II
Lecture by Dr. Sarah Batterson
During World War II, African-Americans helped fight fascism and racism in Europe as factory workers, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and nurses while at the same time they were being continually subjected to segregation, violence, and prejudice at home. For African-American women, the wartime experience provided unprecedented job opportunities and improved financial stability, which essentially ended at the close of the war. By exploring individual biographies and organizational histories, Sarah Batterson investigates the impact of World War II on African-American women and assess how the war both expanded opportunities for women and exposed gender and racial prejudices, which set the groundwork for the Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s and 1960s.

Professor Sarah Batterson holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of New Hampshire and a joint-M.A. in Anthropology and Women’s Studies. She currently teaches courses in African-American history and Gender history at the University of New Hampshire. An avid history enthusiast since the age of eight, in her spare time Batterson can be found reading about the past or exploring historical sites around New England.

Tuesday, August 30 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Holocaust to Healing, The Story of a 5-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor
Lecture and book signing by author Kati Preston
Join seventy-five year old Kati Preston, a child survivor of the holocaust who was hidden in an attic by a heroic peasant woman. Preston will discuss how her whole Jewish family was exterminated and how the Hungarian Nazis hunted her with bayonets in the hayloft where she was hidden when she was five years old. Preston’s talk is not about being a victim, which she is not. She is a survivor. Preston has a message of hope, survival, love, and hope for a better future.

Kati Preston speaks at many venues – schools, colleges, churches, and pretty much anywhere where people are willing to listen. She feels that her presentations make a difference, however small.

Tuesday, September 6 from 7:00 – 8:00pm
Internment of Japanese-Americans: A Father’s Voice and a Young Boy’s Remembrances
A presentation by David Sakura
NH resident David Sakura is a third generation Japanese-American (Sansei). Prior to WW II, David’s family and relatives lived in Eatonville WA. Shortly after the outbreak of WW II, David’s family was transported along with several hundred friends and neighbors to the Minidoka Relocation Center, in Idaho. While interned, David’s father and three uncles enlisted into the US Army and served with the all Japanese-American 442 Regimental Combat Team, one of the most decorated units in U.S. military history. By using excerpts from his father’s letters from the Minidoka Relocation Center and 8 mm film from his pre-WW II childhood, David will offer a highly personal account of his family’s internment experiences. Sakura holds a Ph.D in Biochemistry and a MPH from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

Tuesday, September 13 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
On the Wing
Movie and discussion with film producer Brad Branch
In the midst of winter, 1944, a two-minute air battle took place in the skies above Ehrwald, Austria. The fight involved American and German aircraft. The losses totaled sixteen aircraft, eight on each side, and the lives of more than thirty men. On the Wing is an emotional look at the 15th Air Force, sixty years after that fight, which was one of the shortest and most intensive air battles to occur over central European air space during World War II. This 90-minute documentary film, was conceived and developed by Brad Branch, who also served as executive producer.

Tuesday, September 20, from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
De-coding Espionage in World War II
Lecture by Dr. Douglas Wheeler
Douglas Wheeler’s intriguing slide-and-lecture presentation features four pivotal World War II espionage and intelligence cases, presented within their historical context. The cases are Britain’s “Double XX system”(MI-5); the “Ultra secret”; the Pearl Harbor surprise attack; and the course and consequences of Soviet espionage on the American A-bomb project, the Manhattan Project.

Wheeler has been a member of the History faculty at University of New Hampshire, Durham, since 1965. He also lectures for New Hampshire Humanities Council and has authored many articles and chapters and nine books. Wheeler served in U.S. Army Intelligence (1963-65) and has published historical studies in The Intelligencer, which is the journal of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Tuesday, September 27, from 7:00 – 8:00pm
An Examination of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Lecture by Dr. Douglas Wheeler
Douglas Wheeler opens his lecture with the following question: “As of December 6, 1941, the U.S. government was secretly reading Japan’s highest level diplomatic codes (MAGIC), so why were we so badly surprised on Dec. 7, 1941?” During the course of his lecture, Wheeler discusses the historic context of the attack, which propelled the US into a Pacific and an Atlantic war. He also talks about how the US intelligence system functioned at the time of the attack, presents theories on this still hotly debated topic, and examines the events of Dec. 7, 1941 and their consequences in World War II and global history.

Tuesday, October 4, from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
A Musical Concert by Quint-Essential Winds
Quint-Essential Winds debuted in 2008, bringing together five musicians with more than 150 years of collective study and performance spanning three continents. The quintet performs throughout New England performing a variety of musical styles, from classical to popular to seasonal. This evening’s performance includes the works of Mozart, Persichetti, Copland, Beach, Ewazen, D’Rivera, Milhaud, Grainger and Gershwin.

The 2016 Education Programs are made possible by the generous sponsorship of Ron Goodgame and
Donna Canney.

May 14, 2016

End-of-season Storytelling Gala at Corner House

End-of-season Storytelling Gala at Corner House May 26 Storytelling Gala Dinner

On Thursday evening, May 26th, the Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich will mark the conclusion of their 28th season of Storytelling Dinners with a Storytelling Gala. Five different storytellers will be on hand, spinning yarns after dinner. Appearing on the program will be storytellers Angela Klingler, Debra Ballou, Lois Royal, Bob Reiser, and Brendan Smith.

Don’t miss this entertaining smorgasbord of storytellers and tales on Thursday, May 26th at the Corner House Inn! The Storytelling Dinner begins at 6:30 PM, and the cost is only $21.95 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Gala evenings are always popular, and advance reservations are highly recommended!

For more information about this program and other storytelling evenings contact the Corner House in Center Sandwich at 284-6219, or online at

National Award-winning storyteller Angela Klingler has been telling stories across the country since 1989, from Mt. Washington to the Yukon and the Laguna Beach Sawdust Arts Festival to San Antonio’s Witte Science Museum. She has been described as “Alternately wise and funny, silly and poignant”. Angela bridges time, culture and community with her animated retellings of traditional world folktales, fables, fairytales, myth, legend and geomythology.

Called one of the “120 best living English-speaking storytellers” in Storytellers by Mcfarland Press, Brooklyn-born Bob Reiser has performed original works and tales from around the world and has been a featured teller at festivals from NYC to Vancouver, Canada. Bob’s repertoire includes original zany fables and personal tales of growing-up in Brooklyn – finding joy, pain and laughter in some of life’s most awkward and silly situations.

Storyteller Lois Royal spins tales from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Appalachians and original works as well. She is fond of the legends of American Indians and Aborigines. “Hearing Lois Royal spin one of her favorite stories makes you want to find a cup of cocoa and your favorite blankie and get lost in the listening” – Attleboro Sun Chronicle.

Brendan Smith was born and raised on Long Island, New York and in 1985 found himself unexpectedly moving to Central New Hampshire.
Over the next ten years he worked hard at adjusting to life in his new home. From learning to rake the roof, to buying firewood for the first time, to trying to fit into the social setting of a morning at the dump, he found that these and and many more adjustments would not be very easy for this Flatlander.

Since 1995, Brendan has been recounting these humorous adventures in his homespun stories and on the pages of The Weirs Times and his popular book The Flatlander Chronicles.

For over two decades NH Seacoast naturalist and storyteller Debra Ballou has been telling stories to audiences of all ages incorporating folktales, fairy tales, Native American stories, original stories, personal adventures, and poems. She often uses musical instruments, singing, and/or audience participation to enhance the experience.

April 29, 2016

Canterbury Shaker Village Hosts 4th Annual Heifer Parade with Food & Fiddle on May 7: Free admission event celebrates spring and the return of Brookford Farm cows with a parade, maypole dancing, food and outdoor barn dancing

Canterbury Shaker Village Hosts 4th Annual Heifer Parade with Food & Fiddle on May 7: Free admission event celebrates spring and the return of Brookford Farm cows with a parade, maypole dancing, food and outdoor barn dancing

CANTERBURY, NH: Canterbury Shaker Village will host the 4th Annual Heifer Parade with Food & Fiddle on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Cows from Brookford Farm will parHeifer Parade Courtesy Imageade to the historic pastures at the Village at approximately 11:00 am. Admission is free.

Maypole dancing, food, outdoor barn dancing, and make-your-own head wreaths and May baskets will be available throughout the day. Self-guided exhibits at the Village will be open to attendees and guided tours on the hour will be available at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm for a special fee of $10 per person.

Other upcoming events at Canterbury Shaker Village include Opening Day & Canterbury Shaker Village XC5K on Saturday, May 14 at 10:00 am; and Simply Shaker Dinner and Auction, the annual gathering benefiting Canterbury Shaker Village on Wednesday, June 22. Upcoming Shaker-inspired workshops include Holistic Orchard Workshop on May 21; The Shaker Dance Revival Project Summer Dance Intensive on June 22-24 and June 27-29; and Medicinal Plant Walk on June 11. To view the complete 2016 calendar of events and workshops visit .

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April 29, 2016

You’re invited to Prescott Farm’s Natural Playscape Grand Opening on Saturday, May 14. Come and PLAY!

Laconia, NH: All are welcome to come PLAY at the Grand Opening of Prescott Farm’s Natural Playscape on Saturday, May 14 from 10:00am – 1:00pm. The Natural Playscape is right next to the Education Center located at 928 White Oaks Road. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this amazing addition to Prescott Farm and the Lakes Region community!One to use (2)

Thanks to a grant from NH Charitable Foundation in the spring of 2014, Prescott Farm brought in designer Rusty Keeler (author of the book Natural Playscapes) to work with us to design a master plan for the space. Keeler has worked with organizations and communities around the world to design spaces that bring nature to children in fun ways with hills to climb, dirt to dig, plants to explore, and water to splash, among many other things. We want Prescott Farm to be a place that families come to explore and play in the natural world together.

In November 2014, we received a second grant from NH Charitable Foundation that gave us the funding to implement the design. We worked with volunteers throughout 2015 and into the spring of this year to complete the Playscape. Volunteers from Lakes Region Rotary, Lakes Region Rotary Youth Leadership, Gilford Youth Center, Laconia Fire Department, Fusion, BJ’s Wholesale Club of Tilton, Easter Seals of New Hampshire, Appalachian Teen Mountain Project, Bob Harrington and Ed Darling, helped make this project a reality.

Prescott Farm strongly believes in the importance of getting kids outside for their healthy development and
well-being. Consider this:

Childhood play time in the outdoors has been in steady decline since the 1950’s. Not only are today’s kids over-scheduled, but they are increasingly disconnected from the natural world spending as much as 8 hours PER DAY inside in front of some sort of screen. A 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation study found that children ages 8-18 are spending more than 7.5 hours a day watching TV and movies, playing video games, and using computers – not including homework-related use. This new reality was coined “nature deficit disorder” by author Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods and may be linked to higher rates of ADHD, obesity, depression, speech delays, aggressive behaviors.
Also, outdoor free play isn’t just fun—it is vital to children’s health & well-being! Kids that spend more time outside tend to have less stress, less anxiety and depression, lower rates of obesity, fewer symptoms of ADHD, and better immune system functioning, as well as better social behaviors, increased ability to learn and concentrate, a better sense of self and independence, more creativity, better self-discipline, better problem solving skills, more capacity for emotional and intellectual development, and a tendency to grow into more ecologically-minded adults.
In our Natural Playscape you will find a Forest Kitchen, Tree House, Music and Loose Parts areas, Teepee, Hill Slide, Tree Swing, Fairy House building area and more! Benches are located throughout the Playscape so families and friends can relax and watch their children play. The outskirts of the Playscape will include native plants and herbs as well as a couple Bear and Owl chainsaw-sculpted critters.

Prescott Farm is a non-profit organization that offers environmental education for all ages throughout the year including WildQuest camps, public programs, field trips, long-term partnerships with local elementary schools and NOW Fledglings Nature-Based Preschool. The 160 acre historic family farm features woodland and field trails, a “green” building with geothermal and solar energy systems, historic barns, an old-fashioned maple sugaring operation (during the month of March), heritage gardens, and forested pond. Prescott Farm is open year round, seven days a week from 9:00 – 4:00PM. It is free to come and go for a hike, explore the “green” building or play in our Natural Playscape!

We are excited to have this new addition to Prescott Farm and we want YOU to be able to enjoy it! Please join us for our Grand Opening on Saturday, May 14 from 10:00am – 1:00pm. For more information on our Natural Playscape visit . The Playscape will be open to the public seasonally, at no cost, from dawn till dusk daily. We encourage you to come PLAY and enjoy the natural world together!

April 29, 2016

Mount Washington Cog Railway Opening for its 147th Season

MARSHFIELD STATION, NH – The Mount Washington Cog Railway, the World’s first mountain-climbing cog railway, will be opening for its 147th season bringing visitors from all over the world to the summit of the Northeast’s highest peak on Saturday, April 30.two trains

As part of each 3-hour round trip on the Cog, Passengers spend about an hour on the summit, where those ticket holders get free admission to the new summit weather museum created by the Mount Washington Observatory. The exhibit provides a fascinating look at the extremes of winter on Mount Washington, all from the comfort of an interactive exhibit located in the lower level of the Sherman Adams Visitors Center.

This year marks the 150th birthday of Peppersass, the locomotive that built the railway. The Cog will be offering some new events in celebration of the anniversary. July 15 and 16 marks the first annual Handcrafted Fest at The Cog. The League of NH Craftsmen, NH Handmade, and WREN exhibiters will be featuring their fine Granite-state products. On Saturday, August 20, The Cog will host its first ever Steampunk Festival.  Steampunk is a melding of the Victorian age fused with modern technology in a Wild Wild West style for a colorful and exciting event.

Throughout the season, there are special events, trains and discounts for visiting guests. Starting Memorial weekend, the Cog will be firing up its vintage steam trains, and will be running the steamer as the first train up the mountain throughout the season on scheduled days.  Beginning June 19, everyone saves with $15 off their ticket on the last train on most days. Even this Fall, passengers can save with a $10 discount beginning in September. Discounts are not available during Holiday periods.  The details on the train schedule, specials and discounts can be found online.

Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended. Tickets for Cog Railway excursions can now be purchased online at or by phone at 603.278.5404. The Cog is located at Marshfield Base Station on Base Road, Mount Washington, NH just 6 miles off route 302 near Historic Bretton Woods, NH. For more information and the daily train schedule, visit




April 29, 2016


Sunday, May 1, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last trail admission at 3:30 p.m.)
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center celebrates its fiftieth annual trail season opening on Sunday, May 1. Regular trail hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last trail admission at 3:30 p.m.) Since 1966, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has educated and enlightened visitors about the natural world through spectacular live animal exhibits, natural science education programs, and lake cruises. The Science Center is the only institution in northern New England accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). New for the 2016 is the Water Matters Pavilion featuring 18 water-related exhibits including live mink, turtles, fish, and frogs.
Trail rates for 2016 are $19 for adults, $16 for seniors (age 65+), $14 for youth ages 3 to 15, free for children 2 and under and members. Visit for more information.

Spring Birding
Friday, May 13, 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, in partnership with the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, offers a bird identification program for adults and children ages 14 and up. Join Science Center Executive Director, Iain MacLeod, for this series of beginning birding programs. A huge variety of birds fill the woods, meadows, and wetlands of the area each spring. Explore a variety of habitats in the Lakes Region looking for birds while learning identification by sight and sound, building on your bird identification skills each week.
Cost: $12 per Science Center or Squam Lakes Conservation Society member; $15 per non-member
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to or call 603-968-7194.

New Hampshire Day
Saturday, May 14, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last trail admission at 3:30 p.m.)
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center invites New Hampshire residents to New Hampshire Day for a reduced trail admission of just $5 (regular adult admission is $19). Visitors will get to experience the new Water Matters Pavilion featuring 18 water related exhibits including live mink, turtles, fish, and frogs. There will also be live animal presentations at 11:00 a.m. (Opossum), 1:00 p.m. (Porcupine), and 3:00 p.m. (Barred owl). Volunteer docents will be on the exhibit trail with live animals and props. The Howling Coyote Gift Shop holds its annual New Hampshire Day sale.  Dead River Company will be onsite providing energy saving ideas. New Hampshire Electric Cooperative will provide free admission to New Hampshire Electric Co-op Members on New Hampshire Day. NHEC members should mention that they are members at admissions. New Hampshire Day is generously sponsored by Dead River Company and New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Foundation.
Cost: $5/ New Hampshire residents; $19/adult; $16 senior (age 65+), $14 youth (ages 3 to 15); Free for children 2 and under and members.
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to or call 603-968-7194.

Spring Birding
Friday, May 20, 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, in partnership with the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, offers a bird identification program for adults and children ages 14 and up. Join Science Center Executive Director, Iain MacLeod, for this series of beginning birding programs. A huge variety of birds fill the woods, meadows, and wetlands of the area each spring. Explore a variety of habitats in the Lakes Region looking for birds while learning identification by sight and sound, building on your bird identification skills each week.
Cost: $12 per Science Center or Squam Lakes Conservation Society member; $15 per non-member
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to or call 603-968-7194.

Spring Birding
Friday, May 27, 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, in partnership with the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, offers a bird identification program for adults and children ages 14 and up. Join Science Center Executive Director, Iain MacLeod, for this series of beginning birding programs. A huge variety of birds fill the woods, meadows, and wetlands of the area each spring. Explore a variety of habitats in the Lakes Region looking for birds while learning identification by sight and sound, building on your bird identification skills each week.
Cost: $12 per Science Center or Squam Lakes Conservation Society member; $15 per non-member
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to or call 603-968-7194.

River Otter Feeding
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning May 2 at 11:30 a.m.
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center holds a special river otter feeding every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:30 a.m. See the two playful resident river otters enjoy an early lunch. Expert volunteers tell visitors about otter biology and ecology, while also serving up a tasty treat or two. River otter feeding time is included in regular trail admission.
Cost: FREE/members; $19/adult, $16/senior (65+), $14/youth (ages 3 to 15), children 2 and under free.
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to or call 603-968-7194.

Bald Eagle Adventure Cruise
Tuesdays, May 17, 24, 31, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center offers special Bald Eagle Adventure Cruises for a limited time during May and June. Join Science Center Executive Director Iain MacLeod for a special cruise to view these magnificent birds in their natural habitat. The cruise will focus on the recovery of Bald Eagles as a nesting species in the state of New Hampshire with particular discussion of the bald eagles on Squam Lake. All Squam Lake Cruises are 90-minutes and depart from the dock on Route 3 at the bridge, next to Walter’s Basin Restaurant in downtown Holderness. Squam Lake Cruises are on canopied pontoon boats. Binoculars are available for wildlife viewing at no additional cost. There is limited space for Squam Lake Cruises. Please reserve your seat by calling 603-968-7194.
Cost: Adult: $21/member; $25/non-member
Senior: $19/member; $23/non-member
Youth (up to age 15): $17/member; $21/non-member
Not recommended for children under 3
Save $6 with a combination pass (lake cruise and exhibit trail)
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to or call 603-968-7194.

Explore Squam Cruise
Daily 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. beginning Saturday, May 16
Holderness, NH – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center presents Squam Lake Cruises for the 2016 season. This unforgettable guided tour has something to delight everyone. Learn about the natural history of the lake, the wildlife that makes Squam so special, and the people who have enjoyed these lakes for over 5,000 years. View locations where the movie On Golden Pond was filmed over 30 years ago. Watch Common Loons and Bald Eagles, regularly seen, but best viewed while nesting from May through August. All Squam Lake Cruises are 90-minutes and depart from the dock on Route 3 at the bridge, next to Walter’s Basin Restaurant in downtown Holderness. Squam Lake Cruises are on canopied pontoon boats. Binoculars are available for wildlife viewing at no additional cost. There is limited space for Squam Lake Cruises. Please reserve your seat by calling 603-968-7194.
Cost: Adult: $21/member; $25/non-member
Senior: $19/member; $23/non-member
Youth (up to age 15): $17/member; $21/non-member
Not recommended for children under 3
Save $6 with a combination pass (lake cruise and exhibit trail)
For details about this event, upcoming programs, and membership go to call 603-968-7194.

About Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
The mission of Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is to advance understanding of ecology by exploring New Hampshire’s natural world. Through spectacular live animal exhibits, natural science education programs, an informal public garden, and lake cruises, the Science Center has educated and enlightened visitors since 1966 about the importance of our natural world. Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is located on Route 113 in Holderness, an easy drive from exit 24 off I-93, and is open daily from May 1 through November 1. The Science Center is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is the only AZA-accredited institution in all of northern New England. For further information about the Science Center, call 603-968-7194 or visit

April 29, 2016


(Northfield, NH)—Highland Mountain Bike Park will officially open for its 11th Season on April 28, 2016.

The chairlift will start spinning for Highland’s 2016 opening day on Thursday April 28th. This year Highland will introduce its newest trail. At approximately two miles long, “Freedom Trail” provides the easiest point of entry for people who want to try mountain biking. Highland has trails and training programs for the beginner to advance rider and has remained true to its roots for the past 10 seasons by remaining 100% dedicated to biking.

For the first timer or novice rider, Highland’s wildly popular Find Your Ride™ package is designed to help introduce riders to lift accessed mountain biking. This Park Ready™ learning method is offered daily and includes; all day lift access pass, bike rental and protection, and a one-hour Park Ready™ lesson.

Lessons & Camps are offered throughout the season, and Highland will kick off 2016 with a jam-packed May schedule! Women’s Gravity Weekender,
May 14-15, Family Weekend May 21-22 and Kids Camp on May 21. Highland is the perfect adventure for the entire family.

Known among the Pros as THE training spot on the east coast, you will be sure to find the likes of Pro riders like Kyle Strait, Tyler McCaul and Nicholi Rogatkin,
sharpening their skills on the mountain throughout the season!

With over 22 lift accessed trails, jump parks and learn to ride zones as well as a 9,100 square foot indoor training facility, Highland offers riding for all abilities. Our world class trail designers have worked hard to carve out the best trails in the U.S. Highland is America’s Bike Park.

For more information on Highland Camps, including it’s multi-day and overnight summer camp and for general information, visit

About Highland Mountain Bike Park: Highland Mountain Bike Park is the world’s only lift access mountain entirely dedicated to biking. The park is located off exit 19 on 93-North in beautiful Northfield, New Hampshire. Boasting an extensive downhill and cross country trail network, skill building areas, a 9,100 square foot indoor training facility and a 50’ x 50’ “Ayr Bag”. Highland offers lessons and camps for all abilities. Highland Mountain Bike Park is America’s Bike Park…100%.

February 20, 2016

Irwin Marine Ranked No. 20 of Boating Industry Top 100 dealers

Irwin Marine Ranked No. 20 of Boating Industry Top 100 dealers

Recognized as one of the top boat dealers in North America

Minneapolis, Minn. – Irwin Marine has been named one of the Top 100 dealers in North America by Boating Industry, the leading trade publication for the marine industry.

“There are thousands of boat dealers in the United States and Canada, and only the truly elite make the Top 100,” said Boating Industry Editor in Chief Jonathan Sweet. “These dealers are the best in the industry, not only excelling at selling boats, but also at promoting the boating lifestyle.”

The Top 100 is an annual list of dealerships that are unsurpassed in business operations, professionalism, marketing tactics, customer service and more. The Top 100 has recognized the top dealers in North America every year since 2005.

“As the Top 100 enters its second decade, the dealers on this year’s list are healthier than they have been in years,” Sweet said. “The 2015 Top 100 and Hall of Fame topped $2.5 billion in total sales – the highest total for the Top 100 since 2008. They sold more boats, grew profits, increased service efficiency and improved CSI scores.”

New Hampshire’s most respected name in boating since 1919.  Boating is our Passion, Service is our Business.

February 20, 2016

RE/MAX Bayside Agent Scott Knowles Earns Hall Of Fame Award

Scott Knowles, with RE/MAX Bayside, has recently been presented with the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award, which honors successful agents who have earned more than $1 million in commissions during their careers with the company. Less than twenty-three percent of all RE/MAX Affiliates have earned this prestigious award. In the past three years Scott has had personal sales that put him in the top 1% of Real Estate agents in the Lakes Region.2014 Cropped Small Scott Knowles

Knowles has been working in the real estate industry for more than seventeen years and has extensive experience in listing and selling real estate. “He has been an integral member of our team and is more than deserving of this very prestigious award,” said Chris Kelly, Co-Owner of RE/MAX Bayside. “Recieving this award is a tremendous accomplishment. Scott continues to raise the bar in real estate, making us and the community very proud.”

In addition to selling Real Estate, Knowles is on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club of Central NH, Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Lakes Region Boys and Girls Club and actively supports The Make a Wish Foundation. “I love living in Laconia and the Lakes Region and feel it is important to give back to our community by being involved and trying to make a difference” said Knowles.

RE/MAX is the most productive real estate network with its Sales Associates averaging more sales than other real estate agents. Over 100,000 agents provide RE/MAX a global reach of nearly 100 countries. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.


February 20, 2016

Dining with Dignity Event at Giuseppe’s in Meredith

On Thursday, March 3, 2016 from 5-10 p.m., Giuseppe’s Pizzeria & Ristorante of Meredith, NH will host “Dining With Dignity” and will donate 10% of food sales to support The Women’s Lunch Place, a non-profit organization created to help women in need of food and daytime shelter in the Boston area. Come enjoy a meal and the music of famed, international touring rock musician Timmy Theriault, while helping to support a great cause.
The Women’s Lunch Place advocate Jenna Stark, originally from Meredith, said “The Women’s Lunch Place fights the undermining of human dignity associated with women’s homelessness and poverty.” Proceeds will help fund healthy meals, a safe day shelter, and supportive services for women to regain their dignity and work towards a better life. For many underprivileged women in the Boston area, The Women’s Lunch Place is a home away from home that provides warm meals, support and a sense of community.
The Women’s Lunch Place, located at 67 Newbury St. in Boston, includes a nap room, showers, laundry facilities, computers and phones. It also provides counseling, medical and legal services for guests, who range from young to retired and also differ in circumstances; some of the women are homeless while others have permanent housing. Either way, the organization opens its arms to any woman who needs help.
Julie Gnerre-Bourgeois, owner of Giuseppe’s said, “We are delighted to help. Being homeless is devastating for women and their families. This is a small way we can encourage our diners to think of those who are less fortunate and do to something to help.”
There will be a donation box provided for the collection of gifts of any size. To reserve a table the evening of March 3rd, simply call Giuseppe’s at (603) 279-3313 and mention The Women’s Lunch Place.
Giuseppe’s Pizzeria & Ristorante is located at the Mill Falls Marketplace, Meredith, NH 03253
(603)279-3313. For more information, go to

February 20, 2016

Maple Sugar Madness in March at Prescott Farm

Looking for a fun family outing? Come to Prescott Farm on Saturdays during the month of March and enjoy Maple Sugar Madness!
For over 15 years Prescott Farm has been offering their Maple Sugar Madness programs to school groups and the public during the month of March. On Saturdays, March 5-26 the public is invited to come and take part in this 1.5 hour program. Available program times include; 10:00-11:30am, 12:00-1:30pm and 2:00-3:30pm. All that attend will get to experience an old-fashioned New England tradition – making maple syrup!


From tapping a tree to tasting delicious maple syrup, you will have hands-on participmaple sugar madness at prescott farmation in every step of the syrup making process.  Our environmental educators will help you to build tree ID skills and learn the parts of a tree and their functions, use measuring tools to find an appropriate tree to tap, use historical and modern tree tapping tools, learn the history of maple sugaring including Native American legends, and discover the math and chemical/physical science in the boiling process. The program also involves a 20 minute walk to our Sugar House, please note that you will be hiking back up hill after the program.  Please wear boots and dress appropriately for the weather.  Snowshoes will be provided as needed.


Prescott Farm is a non-profit organization that offers environmental education for all ages throughout the year including WildQuest camps, public programs, field trips, long-term partnerships with local elementary schools and NOW Fledglings Nature-Based Preschool. The 160 acre historic family farm features woodland and field trails, a “green” building with geothermal and solar energy systems, historic barns, an old-fashioned maple sugaring operation (during the month of March), heritage gardens, and forested pond. Prescott Farm is open year round, seven days a week from 9:00 – 4:00PM. It is free to come and go for a hike or explore the “green” building!


Reservations are required and space is limited (per each program time), so please reserve your spot with us well in advance. Cost is $10 ($8 for Members of Prescott Farm). Ages 3 and under are free! Reservations can be made online our website or by calling us at 603-366-5695. We look forward to seeing you for some Maple Sugar Madness!


February 20, 2016

Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm Announces New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm in Tamworth announced today that Cara Sutherland has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Museum. After a national search, Ms. Sutherland’s appointment was unanimously approved at a special meeting of the Board of Directors on January 29, 2016. Sutherland, an experienced museum director, will join the Museum on April 1, 2016.

Sutherland is currently the Executive Director of Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and she brings a wide range of experience at history museums, large and small, encompassing 14 years of experience as a museum director. She previously directed a regional maritime museum, the New Director Cara Sutherland, Remick Country Doctor Museum & FarmReedville Fishermen’s Museum in rural Virginia from 2002–2004. Earlier, Ms. Sutherland worked in New York City for the Freedom Forum as Consulting Curator of the First Amendment Center from 2000–2002 and as Curator and Exhibit Developer at the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia from 1996–2000. She began her curatorial career at the Museum of Our National Heritage in Lexington, Massachusetts as Curator of Exhibitions from 1990–1995.

A native of New York’s Champlain Valley near the Québec border, Ms. Sutherland wanted to be closer to family in a more northern and rural environment, and found Tamworth a location that felt like home. Her interest in historic textiles led her into the museum field and her current passion is traditional foodways. She enjoys artisanal canning and food preservation, winning numerous ribbons at county and regional fairs, most recently at the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Prior to her work in Lexington, Ms. Sutherland pursued doctoral studies at SUNY Binghamton and has a special interest in medical history. She holds an M.A. in American Social & Cultural History from the University of Delaware where she was a Hagley Fellow, 1982-1984. She completed her B.A. in English Literature at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts in 1981. Ms. Sutherland is a published author, taught college-level courses in Public History, and has presented at many East Coast professional conferences.

Board chair Harold Cook said, “We are delighted to attract a museum director of Cara Sutherland’s stature and credentials to the Remick.” Cook continued, “The board is excited about her ideas and her experience in all aspects of running a museum, including strong administrative and fundraising experience, and her passion for history museums and interest in expanding her knowledge of historical agriculture. Cara can take the Remick Museum to the next level of programming and expand its resources.”

“I am honored and delighted to lead the Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm and to come to New Hampshire and Tamworth.” Ms. Sutherland said, “I look forward to working with the Board, staff, volunteers, members, and the broader community to further advance and make better known this unique museum, and to becoming a part of the Lakes Region community.”

The Search Committee was co-chaired by Board members Lisa Simpson Lutts and Alice Sabol, and included the other Remick Museum board members, including Cook, Ed Sullivan, Russ Baerenklau and Larry Grace. For the nationwide search, it retained Marilyn Hoffman and Gail Nessell Colglazier of Museum Search & Reference, an executive-search firm located in Manchester, New Hampshire and Boston, Massachusetts.

Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm is located at 58 Cleveland Hill Road, Tamworth Village, New Hampshire. The Museum’s mission is to educate a broad and diverse public to the value and significance of the medical practice and agricultural way of life of the country doctor, and to preserve and interpret the Remick property and collections for the benefit of the public. Current Museum hours are Monday–Friday: 10 a.m.–4 p.m., closed Saturday & Sunday during the Fall/Winter/Spring. Admission is $5.00 per person; children ages 4 and under are FREE. For more information and directions, visit or call 603-323-7591.

January 30, 2016

Send your kids on their own adventure over winter break!

Looking for something fun for your child to do over winter break? Check out Prescott Farm’s WildQuest Winter Camp for children ages 6-12. Camp will take place during school vacation week – February 22-26 from 9-3pm. Each day is filled with new and exciting adventures! You can register your child by the day or for the full week. Extended care is available.

It’s a special time of year—chilly and sparkly white outside, and there are so many fun things to do! Winter camp is one of our favorite programs—it has a “personality” that is so different from Spring and Summer camps because we see Prescott Farm from such a different perspective! Depending on the weather, the week will be a mix of: Animal tracking & Snowshoeing adventures, Sledding, Winter games such as “Weasels & Voles”, Snowcrafts such as building “quinzhees” or igloos, Going on a Winter Quest, Exploring the frozen pond, Winter-themed art & craft projects and Maple Sugaring. Each day there is something new and exciting to look forward to.

We have been offering our WildQuest Day Camps for over 15 years! All camps take place during school vacations (February, April & June-August). Our camps are licensed by the State of NH and led by experienced environmental educators with the goal of fostering an appreciation and understanding of the natural and cultural history of Prescott Farm, and by extension, student’s own special places as well. We believe that a camp experience with us will enhance your child’s ecological awareness and provide fun learning opportunities in a community-minded and non-competitive atmosphere. Camp always includes nature activities, animal and plant identification, arts and crafts, quests, games, and hands-on learning. Most of the day is spent outdoors. Extended care can provide supervised playtime before and after regular camp hours.

Prescott Farm is a non-profit organization that offers environmental education for all ages throughout the year including WildQuest camps, public programs, field trips, long-term partnerships with local elementary schools and NOW Fledglings Nature-Based Preschool. The 160 acre historic family farm features woodland and field trails, a “green” building with geothermal and solar energy systems, historic barns, an old-fashioned maple sugaring operation (during the month of March), heritage gardens, and forested pond. Prescott Farm is open year round, seven days a week from 9:00 – 4:00PM. It is free to come and go for a hike or explore the “green” building!

Please register well in advance, since space is limited. Cost is $35 for Prescott Farm members and $45 for non-members per day; $175 for Prescott Farm members and $225 for nonmembers for the week.  Pre-registration is required. Online registration is available at as well as printable registration forms. Also, make sure to check out our “Refer a Friend” deal going! All those details and more can be found on our website. If you have any questions about the camp or registration, please don’t hesitate to call us at 603-366-5695 or email us at We are looking forward to another great week of camp!

January 30, 2016

Friday February 12th, at 10am, Belknap County Area Committee on Aging welcomes Community Health Improvement Specialist, Carolyn Muller from LRGHealthcare

Friday February 12th, at 10am, Belknap County Area Committee on Aging welcomes Community Health Improvement Specialist, Carolyn Muller from LRGHealthcare.  Carolyn will discuss two current programs that she teaches at LRGHealthcare; Stanford Universities Better Choices, Better Health Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, and A Matter of Balance program.  Both of these programs address two of the biggest concerns older adults face, and are the main factors in older adults being admitted to a hospital, rehabilitation center, or nursing home.

The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is a workshop given once a week, for six weeks, in community settings such as senior centers, churches, libraries and hospitals. People with different chronic health problems attend together. Workshops are facilitated by two trained leaders, one or both of whom have a chronic diseases themselves.  A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults.  This eight-week workshop led by trained facilitators is a nationally recognized program developed at the Roybal Center at Boston University. During the class, participants learn to view falls as controllable, set goals for increasing activity, make changes to reduce fall risk at home and exercise to increase strength and balance.

This event is open to the public and free of charge.  QUESTIONS ARE ENCOURAGED, SO PLEASE WRITE THEM DOWN AND BRING THEM WITH YOU TO ALL SESSIONS.   Please contact Stace at 603-528-2555 or for more information.

The Mission of the Belknap County Area Committee on Aging is to advocate and inform the public on matters relating to the development and implementation of local, state and federal programs / issues affecting well-being, independence and dignity in keeping with New Hampshire’s goal to keep seniors healthy, helping us to realize full potential.

The Belknap County Area Committee on Aging meetings start at 10am, the 2nd Friday of each month.  The committee meets in the Wesley Woods Community Room off Rte. 11A, behind the First United Methodist Church in Gilford.  All are welcome.

January 30, 2016

A Celebration of Our Environment The Wild & Scenic Film Festival Comes to Plymouth

Join Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Plymouth State University’s Office of Environmental Sustainability and other Plymouth State University sponsors when they host the Wild and Scenic Film Festival On Tour at The Flying Monkey in Plymouth on Tuesday, February 9.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a collection of films from the annual festival held the third week of January in Nevada City, CA which is now in its 14th year! Wild & Scenic focuses on films which speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet. “Films featured at Wild & Scenic give people a sense of place,” says Tour Associate Director, Amelia Workman. “In today’s busy world, it is easy to disconnect from our role in the global ecosystem. When we realize that the change we need in this world begins with us, we start making a difference. Come get inspired!”

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival was started by the watershed advocacy group, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) in 2003. The festival’s namesake is in celebration of the SYRCL’s landmark victory to receive “Wild & Scenic” status for 39 miles of the South Yuba River in 1999. The main 4-day event features over 100 award-winning films and welcomes over 100 guest speakers, celebrities, and activists who bring a human face to the environmental movement. The home festival kicks-off the international tour to over 150 communities around the globe, allowing SYRCL to share their success as an environmental group with other organizations. The festival is building a network of grassroots organizations connected by a common goal of using film to inspire activism. With the support of National Partners: Patagonia, CLIF Bar, Sierra Nevada Brewing, Orion Magazine, Klean Kanteen, Earthjustice, and Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, the festival can reach an even larger audience.

The festival in Plymouth will feature eleven films including Osprey: Marine Sentinel. The film stars what is arguably the world’s most iconic and significant raptor: the osprey. Exclusive access, cutting-edge technology, and innovative cinematographic techniques provide a unique perspective and unprecedented intimacy into the dramatic story of a life-long pair, and the intrepid scientists who have spent a lifetime discovering what may be one of the most significant success stories of environmental conservation. Another featured film is Nature Rx, an award-winning comedy set in the world of a spoofed prescription drug commercial. It offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors.

One of the longer films of the evening is The Little Things, which follows professional snowboarders who have chosen to be outspoken and make positive changes towards a sustainable environment. This film is an initiative taken on by one of snowboarding’s most influential riders, Marie-France Roy, in hopes of inspiring others towards sustainability through inspirational speakers, positive ideas, and leading a healthy lifestyle. They keep it positive and showcase some of the little things that people can do to contribute to positive changes for the future of our environment.

The festival is a natural extension of PSU’s Office of Environmental Sustainability and Squam Lakes Natural Science Center’s work to inspire people to act on behalf of the environment.

All proceeds go to Plymouth State University’s general scholarship fund.

Event Details:
Date: Tuesday, February 9 at 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.)
Location: The Flying Monkey, 39 Main Street, Plymouth, NH
Tickets: $10 per person, $5 for PSU students. Purchase online at or call 603-536-2551. Tickets may also be purchased at the door on the day of the event.

January 30, 2016

Enjoy Loon and Cannon Mountain Areas Anytime!

Winter is in full swing! Loon and Cannon ski areas are ready for you to come and enjoy all of the snow that they have been receiving and making. And the Ice Castles are open and growing daily!Loon Res Service Logo

February 5-6:
Snow Golf with CASA at Loon
Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge at Cannon
Vertical Express for Can Do MS at Loon
Pirates of the High Skis at Cannon

February 13 – 21 – February Vacation Week at Loon
February 20 – Family Fun Night w/Fireworks at Cannon
February 21 – USASA Superpipe at Loon
February 25-26 – Women’s Performance Camp: Session II at Loon

Plan Ahead for Warm Weather Vacations    
Of course, many of you know that there is much more to do besides winter sports!
Whether you join us for Golf, Theater and Arts, many other Summer Activities, we know you’ll have a great time! Some other ideas include:
April 9 & 10 – Murder Mystery Weekend
June 11-19 – Laconia Motorcycle Week
June 24-26 – New England Brewfest
September 16-18 – NH Highland Games


Learn more by clicking here

January 30, 2016

Squam Lakes Association’s Winterfest 2016 Saturday, February 13th 12-3pm

Squam Lakes Association’s Winterfest 2016! Saturday, FebruaSquam Winterfestry 13th 12-3pm at SLA’s Resource Center  Celebrate winter with the entire family! It’s time to get out and celebrate the very best of the season at SLA’s Winterfest! Stop by Saturday from 12-3pm for SLA’s annual winter celebration. The ice rink has been cleared, Chili Contest contestants are tinkering with recipes, wood is being gathered for the bonfire and the Great Room is being prepped for a fun day of gathering with family, friends and the Squam community.

January 30, 2016

Celebrated vocalist Clairdee joins the capital jazz orchestra for a tribute to Lena Horne March 12 at the Concord Audi

Acclaimed vocalist Clairdee joins the Capital Jazz Orchestra for A Love Letter to Lena Horne at the the Concord City Auditorium ,“The Audi”, Located at 2 Prince Street Concord, NH, on Sunday, December 13, at 4pm. Tickets for this performance start at $25 and are on sale now.

Clairdee is the recipient of many enthusiastic reviews and has recently performed at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and toured extensively throughout Russia with the Philharmonic Jazz Society. Highly regarded in the USA,  she has appeared across the nation from Jazz at Lincoln Center to the Monterey Jazz Festival performing with her quartet and numerous artists as diverse as Bucky Pizzarelli, Boz Scaggs, Cyrus Chestnut, and clarinet virtuoso Ken Peplowski, and opening for David Sanborn, the Count Basie Orchestra, and the late, great Etta James.

“My mission is to uplift and inspire through music,” Clairdee says. “In that regard, I consider myself a soul singer, reaching from the inside out, sharing stories, stirring emotions, helping my listeners feel good.”

The Capital Jazz Orchestra is a distinguished group of big band veterans comprised of alumni from such well known Orchestras as Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, as well as the more recent Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band and the band of Toshiko Akiyoshi. They have collectively shared the stage with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Jack Jones and Joe Williams to name only a few. This hand picked ensemble, comprised of some of the best big band jazz musicians across the United States have enjoyed capacity houses on a recent national tour and have been met with critical acclaim for their exciting performances.

Music Director Clayton (or “Skip” as he is known to his family and friends) is enjoying his 34th year of bringing professional quality music to appreciative audiences. He has served as music director for such diverse groups as the The Northeast Symphony Orchestra, The New England Society Orchestra, The New England Wind Symphony and The Capital Jazz Orchestra.

Tickets are $35 for Front and Center Orchestra and $25 Rear Orchestra. Tickets are available by calling 603-225-1111, online at, and at the box office, located at 44 South Main Street, Concord, NH on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please note this performance occurs at the Concord Audi on December 13 at 4pm.

October 16, 2015

History in the Making Regional NASCAR greats, SMI officials help break ground on North East Motor Sports Museum at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Celebrating the rich history of racing in the region, an impressive collection of New England racing legends, fans, donors and New Hampshire Motor Speedway leaders broke ground on the North East Motor Sports Museum on Friday to protect and preserve the stories and artifacts of the region’s racing and riding past.

Following a multi-year fundraising project, construction on the museum will begin this fall, with a planned opening scheduled for September of 2016. In celebration, for the first time ever, all four New England based drivers who have won at NASCAR’s top level, were together at the same time, as Pete Hamilton, Ron Bouchard, Ricky Craven and Joey Logano all stood in front of a huge crowd of more than 250 people.

NHMS groundbreaking fall 2015“This vision began more than 15 years ago – to put the deep, rich history of motorsports of all kinds into a museum in New England,” said Dick Berggren, president of the North East Motor Sports Museum. “We wouldn’t be here without the help of Speedway Motorsports Executive Chairman Bruton Smith. His willingness to sign a 90-year lease for one dollar a year is the reason we are all here today.”

Berggren, Bouchard, Craven, Logano, Andy Cusack, Bentley Warren, Ken Smith, Skip Matczak, Dave Frahm, Frank Manafort, Bill Manafort, and Paula Bouchard (in memory of her father, Ed Flemke) assisted in the groundbreaking, which took place on speedway property near the south entrance.

Marcus Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Speedway Motorsports, Inc., Bruton Smith, Executive Chairman of SMI, and New Hampshire Motor Speedway VP/GM Jerry Gappens were also in attendance.

“The large crowd assembled here today shows how supportive fans are to the sport of racing in this region,” said Marcus Smith. “Racing is about family, friends and having a good time with stories to share. This museum will ensure that those stories are told for years to come for not only fans today, but the future fans of tomorrow.”
New Hampshire political dignitaries present included Chuck Morse, Senate President for the State of New Hampshire and Bob Krieger, selectman for the town of Loudon.

“So much credit has to be given to Dick Berggren and his perseverance to stand strong through a tough economy and see this all the way through,” said Gappens. “This could have been built anywhere, but the fact that it’s being built here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway means the world to us. We look forward to supporting this as best we can moving forward.”

The museum will be built in two phases with the first being 10,000 square feet with an additional 10,000 square feet being added at a later date. The building will be used to house the history of motorsports from the Northeast area with multiple displays of racing vehicles and racing related artifacts. Construction will begin as soon as practical following the groundbreaking.

October 16, 2015

Canterbury Shaker Village Hosts Ghost Encounters October 24

Canterbury Shaker Village Hosts Ghost Encounters October 24: Experience the other-worldly feel of a 200 year old historic site with ghost accounts, trick-or-treating and a costume parade

CANTERBURY, NH: Canterbury Shaker Village will host Ghost Encounters on Saturday, October 24 from 3:00-8:00pm. Experience the other-worldly feel of this 200-year-old historic site on an October evening. Ghost Encounters is a special night with something for everyone. Participants can stroll the Village for trick-or-treating, hear true ghostly encounters at the Village—several in the actual spaces where these events took place—and enjoy Halloween-themed activities at this event for the whole faWitch in doorway (850x1280)mily. Attendees are encouraged to wear a costume. A “Best Costume” contest will be held following a costume parade at 3:15pm. Casual light fare will be available in the Creamery for an additional charge. The Museum Store will be open during Ghost Encounters.

Tickets for Ghost Encounters are $12 for adults, $6 for children ages 6-17 and free for children under five. Village members are half price. Tickets can be purchased by visiting

“Surprising to some, the Shakers often welcomed outsiders to the Village at Halloween. And they themselves loved to dress up in character,” noted Funi Burdick, Executive Director. “It is in this spirit that we have designed this very special seasonal event.”

Canterbury Shaker Village is open daily for tours through October 24.Other upcoming events at Canterbury Shaker Village include Christmas at Canterbury on December 5 and 12. To view the complete 2015 calendar of events and workshops visit

About Canterbury Shaker Village
Canterbury Shaker Village is dedicated to preserving the 200-year Shaker legacy of innovative design, entrepreneurship and simple living by providing a place for learning, reflection, and renewal of the human spirit. Visitors are encouraged to rethink tradition by learning about the life, ideals, values, and history of the Canterbury Shakers. The National Historic Landmark includes 25 restored original and four reconstructed Shaker buildings, and 694 acres of forests, fields, gardens, nature trails, and mill ponds under permanent conservation easement. The Village cafe offers simple lunch fare and the Museum Store features unique gifts and wares handmade by regional artists. Canterbury Shaker Village, located at 288 Shaker Road in Canterbury, New Hampshire, is open daily in 2015 from May 16-October 24 and weekends in November. For more information, visit

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