Summer Celebration at Science Center Brings World-Renowned Big Cat Expert Dr. Alan Rabinowitz from Panthera to speak at event

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center holds its 2014 Annual Meeting and Summer Celebration on August 9 which will feature a very special keynote speaker – Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. Rabinowitz is one of the world’s leading big cat experts, and has been called ‘The Indiana Jones of Wildlife Conservation’ by TIME Magazine. Dr. Rabinowitz is currently the CEO of Panthera, a nonprofit organization devoted to saving the world’s wild cat species.

Dr. Rabinowitz has traveled the world on behalf of wildlife conservation and over the years has studied jaguars, clouded leopards, Asiatic leopards, tigers, Sumatran rhinos, bears, leopard cats, raccoons, and civets. His work in Belize resulted in the world’s first jaguar sanctuary; his work in Taiwan resulted in the establishment of this country’s largest protected area and last piece of intact lowland forest; his work in Thailand generated the first field research on Indochinese tigers, Asiatic leopards, and leopard cats, in what was to become the region’s first World Heritage Site; and his work in Myanmar has led to the creation of five new protected areas, including the country’s first marine national park, first and largest Himalayan national park, and the world’s largest tiger reserve in the Hukaung Valley.

Dr. Rabinowitz has dedicated his life to surveying the world’s last wild places, with the goal of preserving wild habitats and securing homes, on a large scale, for some of the world’s most endangered mammals. His focus on cats is based on conserving top predators, which affect entire ecosystems. By saving cats, the impacts are far reaching and conserve vast landscapes upon which many species depend, including humans. One of Dr. Rabinowitz’s greatest achievements was the conceptualization and implementation of the Jaguar Corridor – a series of biological and genetic corridors for jaguars across their entire range from Mexico to Argentina. Dr. Rabinowitz also launched Panthera’s Tiger Corridor Initiative; an effort to identify and protect the world’s last remaining large, interconnected tiger landscapes, with a primary focus on the remote and rugged Indo-Himalayan region of Asia.

The 2014 Annual Meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. and is free to attend for members and their guests. Business will include electing officers and trustees; honor retiring board members; recognizing employee service; a 2013 year in review; and presentation of the 2014 Horizon Award. Detailed information including officer and trustee election slate and biographies of nominees for election to the Board of Trustees is available online at

Following the Annual Meeting is the Summer Celebration beginning at 6:00 p.m. Dr. Rabinowitz will tell his amazing life story and show spectacular photos featuring his work to save the world’s big cat species and last wild places.

The Summer Celebration will start with a cash bar and appetizers followed by a Live Auction featuring various science and nature related items. Dr. Rabinowitz will take the stage at 7:30 to speak about his life and his work. After Dr. Rabinowitz’s presentation, the Science Center will have copies of two of his books, An Indomitable Beast: The Remarkable Journey of the Jaguar and A Boy and a Jaguar, available for sale to be signed by Dr. Rabinowitz.

Tickets for the Summer Celebration are $75 for adults. A program for children featuring crafts, stories, activities, and food is $10 per child. The Summer Celebration is Squam Lakes Natural Science Center’s largest annual fundraiser. As a non-profit organization all financial support the Science Center receives goes to furthering their mission to advance understanding of ecology by exploring New Hampshire’s natural world. Community support means a great deal to the Science Center which is in its 48th year of operation in Holderness.

Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling 603-968-7194, option 7.


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