Hampton Beach State Park Lifeguards Best in Northeast

Competing against teams from around the Northeast and Canada, Hampton Beach State Park lifeguards took top honors last Saturday at the 35th annual Northern New England Lifesaving Championship in Ogunquit, Maine.
The entire Hampton Beach team took first place overall. The men’s team placed first and the women’s team took second.
They competed against lifesavers from Ogunquit, Scarborough and Wells beaches in Maine; Nantasket and Salisbury, Mass., and Nova Scotia.
“The main competition came from Ogunquit and Salisbury,” said Jim Donahue, Hampton Beach State Park Lifeguard Chief. “Our lifeguard competition team scored in every event throughout the day.”
He said the daily training required for all Hampton Beach State Park lifeguards and “is a huge contributor to the first place overall victory and current and future success of the New Hampshire State Beach Patrol and Hampton Beach lifeguards.”
The daily training regime includes physical training, first aid and use of equipment, which has insured a highly skilled professional staff on duty at Hampton Beach for decades.
The competition teams had an intense workout just two days before the contest, after a passing storm created strong surf and rip currents. Last Thursday, lifeguards made 10 surf rescues and six on Friday.
Representing Hampton Beach were Pat Murphy; Bruce Butterworth; Wells Costello; Pat Casey; Quinn Parker; Ben Mitchell; Kendall Kaspar; Jack Dolan; Jeremy Schmidt; Dan Ryan; Nick Africano; Ali Bartlett; Katie Kaspar; Rachel Flinn; Catherine Jacques; Rebecca Mitchell; Meagan Boucher; Mara Jaffarian and Maggie Noonan.
The Division of Parks and Recreation, one of four within the Department of Resources and Economic Development, is comprised of the Bureau of Park Operations, Bureau of Historic Sites, Bureau of Trails, and Cannon Mountain. To learn more, visit http://www.nhstateparks.org or call 603/271-3556.

hampton beach lifeguards

Team photo from left to right – Front Row – Ben Mitchell, Jack Dolan, Pat Casey, Pat Murphy, Nick Africano, Dan Ryan, Wells Costello, Jeremy Schmidt Back Row – Kendall Kaspar, Rachel Flinn, Maggie Noonan, Quinn Parker, Ali Bartlett, Rebecca Mitchell, Catherine Jacques, Mara Jaffarian, Katie Kaspar, Meagan Boucher… not in the photo Bruce Butterworth

One-mile run / 100 meter ocean rescue/men – second place, Parker; third, Mitchell; fourth, Murphy. In the women’s event, Boucher, second; Mitchell, fourth.
Rescue reel team – Murphy, Costello, Bartlett and Kaspar, first; Casey, Mitchell, Dolan, Noonan, third.
Iron Guard men – Costello, second; Dolan, fifth; women – Kaspar, third, Barlett, fourth.
Paddleboard rescue – open event – Murphy, second, Casey, fourth.
Surf Rescue – open event – Kaspar, second; Jacques, fourth; Flinn, fifth.
500m paddleboard – men – Costello, second; women – Bartlett, fourth, Kaspar, fifth.
500m swim – men – Dolan, fifth; women – Jacques, second; Flinn, fourth; Kaspar, fifth.
Beach Flags men – Costello, first; Casey, second; women – Bartlett, second.
4X100 swim relay – Team of Dolan, Kaspar, Flinn and Jacques, first; Barlett, Kaspar, Ryan, Costello, fourth.
4X200 paddleboard relay – Casey, Parker, Murphy, Costello, second.


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