New Hampshire State Recreational Trails Open for Riding on May 23

Riding on state recreational Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) trails will officially open for the season on Saturday, May 23.
With over 1,200 miles of riding throughout the state and trailheads located in every region, trail enthusiasts will find plenty of riding. Coos County has the largest network of trails available with approximately 1,000 miles available for riding. Several popular routes for the Coos Loop System, also known as Ride the Wilds, will not be open for this weekend. These include the connection from Lancaster to Groveton, North Stratford to Colebrook (Corridor C), Kelsey Notch and Dixville Peak trails.
The only route available for riding from the Berlin/Millsfield area north to Colebrook/Pittsburg will be through Wentworth Location (Corridor A). The majority of trails are open by the grace of local landowners and they expect their property to be cared for by the riders. Many trails now lead to local services and we encourage riders to visit local businesses while in the area. For more information about the trail systems go to For information about registration requirements, safety education, and laws visit
“We appreciate the hard work our volunteer clubs do in the spring to get the trails ready for the riding season,” stated Chris Gamache, Bureau of Trails Chief. “Riders and trail users should also remember to stay on established and designated trails, be mindful of other trail users, to pay attention to posted signs, and to ride responsibly.”

The Bureau of Trails is one of four bureaus in the Division of Parks and Recreation. The Division is comprised of the Parks Bureau, Bureau of Historic Sites, Bureau of Trails, and Cannon Mountain. The Division manages 92 properties, including state parks, beaches, campgrounds, historic sites, trails, waysides, and natural areas. The Division of Parks and Recreation is one of four divisions of the Department of Resources and Economic Development. To learn more, visit or call 603/271-3556.


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