Woodstock Inn Brewery’s 20th Anniversary

In 1995 there were 597 breweries in the United States, today there are over 3,000. The craft beer industry is growing at an exponential rate, with breweries and brewpubs pushing the limits of possibilities of flavors for food and beer. We are very fortunate to contribute in both segments, pairing farm to table foods with distinct and exciting Ales.

The Woodstock Inn Brewery currently produces about 7,500 barrels annually, distributed on draft, bottle and cans throughout New England. Over the years our staff has grown from one person to thirteen year round full-time brewery staff, and we currently employ a total of 130 staff throughout our company. Our beer portfolio consists of over twenty-two beers and we are in the R&D phase of many more. Although there are many challenges presented in a blossoming business like beer production, there is always one thing that remains a constant, the pursuit of delicious beer. It always keeps you on your toes; evolving, dreaming, creating and building.

We now have two breweries on site, a seven-barrel system for in-house restaurant consumption and pilot brews, and a thirty-barrel solar powered production facility. Over the years we have made special relationships with local farms, which use the spent grain from the brewing process as feed for their cow increasing milk production in dairy cow by 20% and use locally made maple syrup in a number of our recipes. The past twenty years have brought us great relationships with local businesses, countless friendships and wonderful flavors. We are excited for the next twenty to continue the growth of our brewery and evolve the Woodstock Inn Brewery brand.

Drink local.


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