Lakes Region Tourism Association develops partnership with Waste Management

The Lakes Region Tourism Association (LRTA) has developed a partnership with Waste management to provide more services and benefits to businesses in New Hampshire.

Waste Management goes beyond the basics of waste collection and disposal to help address the broadest possible range of specialized environmental concerns. They offer services that can help businesses better manage waste stream, improve safety, ensure regulatory compliance, promote environmental stewardship and even save money.
“We approached Waste Management to bring a partner to our organization that can provide great services. They offer many products to assist businesses in an effort to save our member businesses money” said Amy Landers, Executive Director of the Lakes Region Tourism Association.

Landers and the LRTA understand the importance of continuing to develop relationships and form partnerships that will have a direct benefit to businesses. “This partnership is another way to provide cost savings programs to members to enhance their bottom line” said Landers. She added; “Waste Management is a leader in their industry of picking up waste, implementing recycling programs and finding solutions for tourism businesses. “
The Lakes Region Tourism Association is a non-profit tourism marketing organization that promotes the Lakes Region and Central New Hampshire to bring more visitors to the area.


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