New NH Product Tells Your Trailer Where to Go!

New NH Product Tells Your Trailer Where to Go!

September 8, Portsmouth, NHBriks Group LLC is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on September 8, to bring to market TowGo, the patented aftermarket trailer backup assistant. Their device enables drivers to flawlessly back up their trailers while eliminating the guesswork, frustration and embarrassment, helping ANY driver save time, enjoy outdoor activities and avoid costly accidents.

Trailer backing has been an issue since the trailer was invented and millions of people have horror stories related to it. Most instructions suggest using “the buddy system” by having someone outside of the vehicle to help direct you. Those who drive alone would have to evaluate the surroundings and move slowly, constantly worrying about not getting into the right spot or even worse, hitting another object. As a result, many people avoid the whole experience.

TowGo™ is revolutionary technology for solving the problem.  The system consists of two discreet sensors placed on a hitch and a steering wheel, and a free App for a smartphone or tablet.

It works by continuously measuring the hitch angle of a trailer and the steering of the vehicle to calculate where the vehicle and trailer will become lined up. The display shows the trailer’s current  location and where it will end up based on different positions of the steering wheel. It also warns a driver about possible jackknifing. All the driver has to do is turn the steering wheel until a “where it will end up” picture on the screen shows a desired resulting position for the trailer.

“This product will hugely improve outings for many people and make towing a less intimidating experience. In fact, one of our tag lines is that TowGo may help save marriages because of the bickering we have seen between couples at the boat ramps!” said Britta Shepard, the CEO of Briks Group. “Our product finally takes the guesswork out of which way and how much to turn the wheel, it’s discreet, and it’s easy to install so you can get on with your day.”

The concept came to life several years ago when the lead inventor saw two boats stuck on a boat ramp while another driver slalomed his boat backwards between them and into the water. Realizing that there had to be a mathematical way to solve how everyone could back up that easily, the inventor figured out the complex solution and was awarded a patent. Now with the help of Briks Group, the product is multi patented with more US and international patents pending.

TowGo™ offers an affordable solution which anyone can use on most of their existing cars and trailers. The early Kickstarter backers have a limited time opportunity to pre-order the system starting at $199. Regular retail price is expected to be $329.

With TowGo™, anyone can now backup their trailer like a pro even on their first attempt!

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign, visit the project’s page on Kickstarter:

The company’s website:

Contact Briks Group: by email:

by phone: 617-733-4307

The company’s address: P.O.Box 863, North Hampton, NH 03862


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