Celebrating 15 Years of Getting People Lost for Fun

corn maze at Moulton FarmMoulton Farm’s 15th annual corn maze celebrates pumpkins and more

On Tuesday, September 15, Moulton Farm’s 15th annual corn maze will open at the 132 year old farm. “It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since Rob Stephens, our retail manager, had the idea for the corn maze as a way to offer a fun experience to our fall visitors,” says John Moulton, owner of the well-known Meredith farm. “It made us one of the first businesses in New Hampshire to offer something that is now known as agri-tourism.”
Last year the farm’s corn maze was named the best corn maze in New Hampshire by a WMUR poll. This year the farm’s resident maze designer, Wes Thomas, thinks the design and the experience will be even better for people. “This year our corn maze is called ‘Pumpkin Wagon 2015’ and the curves of the pumpkins and wheels really help to confuse people,” Thomas says with a glint of mischief in his eyes. “We chose the theme to honor John Moulton’s first farm business experience: selling pumpkins when he was eight years old from his grandfather’s truck on Route 25.”

“Back then I had no idea that I would end up farming, let alone running a farm of this size,” says Moulton with a laugh. “It’s a wonder what a bunch of pumpkins has led to. It’s also amazing what Rob’s idea led to,” says Moulton laughing at the pun.

Admission to Moulton Farm’s corn maze is $7 per person with a special $5 rate for each child 6 and under. Included with admission is access to the corn, the maze trivia game, and a treat after completing the trivia game. The maze will be open seven days a week starting Tuesday, September 15. The last admission to the maze is one hour before the farm closes. For more information visit moultonfarm.com/events/corn-maze/


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