End-of-season Storytelling Gala at Corner House

End-of-season Storytelling Gala at Corner House May 26 Storytelling Gala Dinner

On Thursday evening, May 26th, the Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich will mark the conclusion of their 28th season of Storytelling Dinners with a Storytelling Gala. Five different storytellers will be on hand, spinning yarns after dinner. Appearing on the program will be storytellers Angela Klingler, Debra Ballou, Lois Royal, Bob Reiser, and Brendan Smith.

Don’t miss this entertaining smorgasbord of storytellers and tales on Thursday, May 26th at the Corner House Inn! The Storytelling Dinner begins at 6:30 PM, and the cost is only $21.95 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Gala evenings are always popular, and advance reservations are highly recommended!

For more information about this program and other storytelling evenings contact the Corner House in Center Sandwich at 284-6219, or online at info@cornerhouseinn.com.

National Award-winning storyteller Angela Klingler has been telling stories across the country since 1989, from Mt. Washington to the Yukon and the Laguna Beach Sawdust Arts Festival to San Antonio’s Witte Science Museum. She has been described as “Alternately wise and funny, silly and poignant”. Angela bridges time, culture and community with her animated retellings of traditional world folktales, fables, fairytales, myth, legend and geomythology.

Called one of the “120 best living English-speaking storytellers” in Storytellers by Mcfarland Press, Brooklyn-born Bob Reiser has performed original works and tales from around the world and has been a featured teller at festivals from NYC to Vancouver, Canada. Bob’s repertoire includes original zany fables and personal tales of growing-up in Brooklyn – finding joy, pain and laughter in some of life’s most awkward and silly situations.

Storyteller Lois Royal spins tales from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Appalachians and original works as well. She is fond of the legends of American Indians and Aborigines. “Hearing Lois Royal spin one of her favorite stories makes you want to find a cup of cocoa and your favorite blankie and get lost in the listening” – Attleboro Sun Chronicle.

Brendan Smith was born and raised on Long Island, New York and in 1985 found himself unexpectedly moving to Central New Hampshire.
Over the next ten years he worked hard at adjusting to life in his new home. From learning to rake the roof, to buying firewood for the first time, to trying to fit into the social setting of a morning at the dump, he found that these and and many more adjustments would not be very easy for this Flatlander.

Since 1995, Brendan has been recounting these humorous adventures in his homespun stories and on the pages of The Weirs Times and his popular book The Flatlander Chronicles.

For over two decades NH Seacoast naturalist and storyteller Debra Ballou has been telling stories to audiences of all ages incorporating folktales, fairy tales, Native American stories, original stories, personal adventures, and poems. She often uses musical instruments, singing, and/or audience participation to enhance the experience.


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